Fans of The Originals are NOT Happy with the Series Finale

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The Originals fans aren’t quite sure how they feel about the series finale.

After five seasons, the Vampire Diaries spin-off has come to a close. And with any series finale, fans are looking for closure… but that’s not exactly what they got. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The finale came with the sudden death of main characters Klaus and Elijah. Naturally, some fans are upset that these major players were killed off on the last episode. Meanwhile, some are at peace with the deaths but are disappointed they didn’t get to witness what happened to Klaus and Elijah after they died. One main reason fans wanted a glimpse of them in the afterlife was to see Elijah finally reunite with Hayley.

A reunion we did get to see was between Klaus and Caroline Forbes. Turns out, Caroline saved that voicemail for over 15 years and came to live out her wish of showing Klaus around New Orleans. Even better, Klaroline fans were treated to one last epic kiss before the two parted ways for good. But for most shippers, the kiss wasn’t satisfying enough.

So Klaus and Caroline didn’t end up together and two of the main characters were killed off. What does showrunner Julie Plec have to say about her series finale decisions? When it came to Elijah and Klaus’ lives, Julie told TV Line that she knew at least one of them had to go, but decided it was better if they went together. Julie added, “I can’t see it having ended any other way. Therefore, it’s the ending… We’re telling a story about two immortal beings — what do you think the ending is? The ending is freedom from immortality.” As for Klaroline, Julie decided to trigger loyal fans by releasing a deleted Caroline and Klaus scene on the CW app.

As upsetting as the finale might have been for some fans, it’s not completely over just yet. A spin-off of the show called Legacies will continue the story of Hope after the deaths of Klaus and Elijah, and apparently it’s got major Harry Potter vibes. You’ll have to wait until October to watch, but that’s only two months away!