Nine Lives of Chloe King Recap: Will Chloe Ever Be Get Over What She Did To Xavier?

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In last night’s The Nine Lives of Chloe King “Redemption” episode, Chloe really starts to struggle with her new Mai powers and responsibilities. And on top of everything else, she’s feeling super guilty about Xavier’s death. So while we think Chloe’s whole cat thing is super cool, we can’t help but feel bad for her. She can’t even kiss a boy without someone dying! What a bummer.

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1. Chloe can’t seem to forget about what she did to Xavier. But how can she? She gets a call that comes from Xavier’s cell! She picks it up, but all we hear is a ton of creepy breathing. Chloe is haunted by the fact that her kiss killed Xavier. In search of some form of redemption, she decides to go to his funeral. We’re also thinking she was in search of confirmation that he really was dead.
2. Chloe meets Xavier’s brother Gabriel, but it’s the most awkward meeting ever. Chloe is at Xavier’s funeral when she spots Gabriel. She decides to follow him after the service only to find him meeting up with a couple of drug dealers. Turns out that Xavier was addicted to some sort of prescription drugs and now Gabriel just so happens to be selling these drugs to other dealers. Could it have been Gabriel who got Xavier addicted in the first place?
3. Things between Brian and Chloe are really heating up, but these two will probably never be able to officially couple up because of Chloe’s fear of another Xavier fiasco and Brian’s dad on the hunt to kill Chloe. NDB.
4. Alek starts to get more protective of Chloe. He starts following her around constantly and while we know he means well, he does come off as a bit of a jerk. Alek starts telling Chloe not to go out at night, not to save Gabriel and not to date Brian…guess he’s sort of taken on a father role, eh?
5. Chloe has like the coolest relationship with her mom ever. We love Chloe’s interaction with her mom and last night we saw just how tight those two really are. Chloe spills to her mom about everything that happened with Xavier and even knowing that her daughter just possibly killed a guy, she was still super supportive. Cause that‘s normal.