Nine Lives of Chloe King Recap: Who or What Exactly Is Chloe King?!

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Nothing is better than when a new TV series hits, especially in the summer, since all our fave shows are on hiatus. And last night, what looks to be one of our fave new ABC Family shows, The Nine Lives of Chloe King made its debut. And OMG, that pilot was cray cray! Super intense, action packed and filled with a ton of hotties and really fun parts, which is basically all we need to get us hooked. And if you missed the series premiere? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

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1. Meet Chloe King…Our intro to Chloe is sort of odd. We see her running away from these creepy guys, known as The Order, dressed in hoodies. Chloe reaches a tower and thinks the coast is clear, until one of the guys (a scarfaced man) comes from behind her and pushes her off the ledge of the tower! Whoa! Is she a dead girl walking? Not exactly. What we find out is that Chloe is actually a member of a dying species called the Mai. This explains why there are people after her. Mai have cat-like superpowers and can’t kiss humans cause the human ends up dying. There goes Chloe’s love life.

2. Chloe meets Alek. Alek is the average jock and Chloe seems to hate him, although we don’t think she actually does. Alek and Chloe wind up having this really awkward encounter where he pretty much lets her know he’s totally crushing on her. He makes sure to tell Chloe they will be “close friends.” And Alek may be right, considering he’s the one who tells Chloe exactly who she is, after all.

3. Chloe uses her superpowers for the first time and is left in total shock. After she’s attacked by a homeless man, she scratches him with her claws, which she had no idea she had. She runs home right after only to start questioning her mom about her birth parents. Chloe’s mom explains that she and her dad, who left ten years ago, didn’t find out anything about her background when they adopted her from the Ukraine. An adopted teen who’s sort of a cat with superpowers at the same time? Well, Chloe’s got a lot to deal with!

4. Chloe goes on a date with a hottie named Brian, who she met at the clothing store that she works at. Their date is cut short when Chloe is attacked by a dog and then starts running. We’re then taken back to the intro scene when Chloe is chased by the order, but this time we get a closer look. After Chloe is pushed off the tower, the scar-faced guy runs down to see her body only to find that it’s gone.

5. Paul is kidnapped! Chloe’s BFF Paul is kidnapped by the same creeper who pushed Chloe off the tower. Chloe, Amy, Alek and Alek’s cousin Jasmine all run to save Paul. This turns into a second attempt by scarface to try and kill Chloe. He tries to stab Chloe, but Jasmine jumps in the way and ends up being stabbed instead. So why are they so desperately trying to kill her? Well, Chloe is the uniter, the protector of the Mai who has nine lives to live. Get it? Nine lives like a cat?

What did you think of the Nine Lives pilot? Are you going to be watching the show all summer? What’s your favorite thing about the show? Sound off in the comments!