Nine Lives of Chloe King Recap: Will Chloe Ever Live A Normal Life Again? (Probs Not)

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Last night on The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Chloe finally realized how big her role actually is when it comes to saving the Mai from extinction. (Yeah, kinda important.) But she has a little trouble accepting the fact that her life is really, well, not at all normal. Can you really blame her?

If you caught “Green Star” last night, you know how much of a nail biter and tearjerker it was. But in case you missed it, no worries — we got an awesome recap for ya!

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1. Chloe is invited to meet the leader of the Mai, and is super nervous about possible sacrifices or rituals that might happen during the meeting. We meet the leader, Valentina (who turns out to be Jasmine’s mom) and she tells Chloe that one day, in order to protect herself and the Mai, she will have to leave her family and friends behind, whether she likes it or not. NBD.
2. Chloe tries to cut off everyone she’s close to so she won’t have to hurt anyone when she leaves. When Amy and Paul find out about her “leave at any moment” plan, they only grow closer in support of Chloe. Chloe ends up breaking things off with Brian, telling him that she would much rather be friends, leaving Brian totally bummed. And when she tells her mom she might not ever come back home one day, her mom says she will look everywhere for Chloe until she finds her.
3. Scarface is back, and as sinister and bloodthirsty as ever. Chloe ends up going to meet up with him and ends up in the bottom of a pool wrapped in chains. Jasmine comes to her rescue and they almost get away until Scarface has them both at gunpoint. Jasmine steps in front of Chloe to take the bullet, but thankfully Valentina stabs Scarface from behind before anyone else can get hurt.
4. And the love triangle continues… Chloe loves the fact that Brian waited for her while she was off battling Scarface, and decides to get back together with him. She gets home after setting up a date with Brian to find Alek still protecting her mom. This leaves her thanking Alek, and realizing that she’s gonna have to choose between these two.

So, what did you think of “Green Star?”? Are you psyched for next week’s episode? Do you think Chloe will ever be able to accept the fact that she is the Uniter? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments!