Nine Lives of Chloe King Recap: What Really Happened to Brian’s Mom?

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Last night on The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Chloe started training with her super cool new powers. While Chloe totes loves her super-sonic hearing and psychic ability, she comes to realize that sometimes being a Mai only brings her a hot love triangle trouble. Ugh.

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1. Chloe finds out she’s got a new power, that at first she doesn’t really understand. When Lana gets a phone call and feels terrified by it, Chloe realizes that she’s able to channel her feelings. Although this is something she’s experienced before, she starts second guessing herself when she sees that Lana’s mood changes.
2. Chloe, Amy and Paul wind up fighting when Amy’s jealousy over Chloe’s new Mai friends starts to take over. Amy tells Chloe that she might be in the market for a new best friend. Chloe finds herself tired of having to apologize for being a Mai and lets Amy know she’s going to have to accept her for who she is. or else.
3. Lana goes missing and Chloe suspects that it has something to do with that sketchy delivery guy. She learns that the deliveryman was in fact Lana’s ex and has been stalking her ever since they broke up. Chloe heads out to search for Lana and she finds her unconscious on the floor of her apartment with her ex standing over her. Chloe attacks the guy and winds up defeating him. Go, Chloe!
4. And the love triangle is in full swing. Chloe starts getting closer to Alek as he and Jasmine continue training her. Alek has a way of knowing how to keep Chloe calm and this seems to really attract her to him. And then there’s Brian who ends up inviting her on a super cute picnic and basically lets her know he’s back in town…for her. Looks like she’s got a real tough decision to make!
5. Brian finds a key in his school’s mailbox. The message that came with this key totally freaked us out. Whoever left the key asked if Brian knew the truth about how his mom died. All this time he’s been thinking one thing and now he’s gonna have to solve the mystery to find out the truth. So what could be the real reason behind Brian’s mother’s death? Could his sketchy dad have something to do with it?

What did you think of last night’s “All Apologies”? Do you like Chloe’s new powers? Think there are more powers waiting for her? Will Brian find out what really happened to his mom? Tell us in the comments!