Teen.com Endorses: The Muppets! 5 Reasons You Should See It

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If you read Teen.com even a little bit, you know we kind of have a thing for Miss Piggy (especially here!). Not like, in a weird way, but just in the way that we kind of relate to her because she’s basc us in Muppet form. And after seeing The Muppets, our crush has grown exponentially, you guys. But Piggy isn’t the only reason you should so see the movie this holiday weekend ,getting out of the house and away from your parents being one of them! Here’s 5 more:

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1. Selena Gomez — and a million other celebs — have cameos. Honestly, one of the best parts of the movie was just waiting to see what famous peeps would be appearing next. Our personal fave cameos were from Selena (she only has like, two lines, but whatever) and Emily Blunt who, well, without giving it away, reprises an old role that she’s famous for. But there’s, like, 100 other celeb appearances, too!

2. The whole movie makes fun of itself. It’s a strange concept to have a movie where people and muppets are, ya know, hanging out together, but the movie makes fun of that like, throughout the entire thing. Our fave line? “This sounds like a very important plot point.” Thanks for pointing out the obvious, guys.


3. The music is awesome.We’ll admit, some of the songs that Jason and Amy aka Gary and Mary sing are like, kinda cheesy. But we think you’ll love hearing the Muppets sing songs like Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You.” And you may even like the official Muppet theme song, too…


4. The new muppet, Walter, is kind of a hottieOk, fine, we just reread that sentence and it sounds super weird, but Walter is super cute. He’s the newbie of the bunch and a die-hard Muppet fan who basically makes the whole movie. But WTH is he playing Jason Segel’s brother? Uh, see number 2.


5. Miss Piggy is truly fabulous. Remember that thing we said before about us wanting to be Miss Piggy? It still applies. She’s so fab throughout the entire flick (her designer clothes are to die for), plus, she’s a good plus-size role model for all us ladies. Come on. Where else will you see a Vogueeditor stuffing her face with donuts? That’s what we thought.


The Muppets is out now! Are you going to see it? Which mupp is your fave? Comment away!