The Lying Game Preview: Will Laurel and Char Fight Over Justin?

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ABC Family

Guys, remember how last week‘s episode of The Lying Game Char and Laurel were like, calling dibs on the same dude? You know, that new hottie Justin? Well, on this week’s ep “Twinsense and Sensibility,” Char finds out that Laurel and Justin are seeing each other and she is so not having it. Do you think this will cause a huge cat fight? Think Char should just get over it since Justin doesn’t like her wants to be with Laurel anyway?

Watch this sneak peek clip and tell us what you’re thinking!

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The Lying Game airs tonight at 9pm on ABC Family! What do you think is going to happen now that Char knows about Laurel and Justin? Who do you think Justin should date? Sound off in the comments!

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