The 5 Juiciest Lies, Quotes (and Secrets!) From Last Night’s Ep of The Lying Game

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The Lying Game

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If we had to hand out an award for Best Boyfriend on The Lying Game, it’d be too hard to choose at this point. Obvs Ethan would be a contender — granted, he did cheat on Sutton — but he’s been so loyal to Emma! Then there’s Justin who, so far, has been the epitome of perf and at least attempts to be honest with Laurel. And, as a sneaky surprise, Derek came out of nowhere. True, he only asked Char out to please Alec Rybak, and pretty much lies to her all the time. But at least he admitted that he’s willing to go to jail for her!

If you wanna see which guy wins our vote, and other juicy TLG tidbits, read below!

“I think it’s time to tell her we don’t know her birth mother is dead.” –Kristen
Well, at least one of Sutton’s parents wants to tell the truth. In fact, she comes clean to “Sutton” about everything she knows! The problem here is Kristen doesn’t actually know what her hubby Ted’s really hiding.

“Derek and Char are celebrating. 10 day anniversary, kind of a big deal for her.” –Mads
Unfortch for Char, Derek was forced to break up with her (’cause of Alec) on day 11. But when Derek finds out more info for Mr. Rybak, he says he’ll only tell Alec if he can be with Char again.

“Guess I’m feeling lucky tonight.” –Sutton
Leave it to Sutton to find hotel tycoon’s son who was able to pull off an underage casino party in Vegas. And Sutton, being the flirt that she is, managed to get that same guy to double her money so she could get home. How do they always get guys to fall for their tricks?!

“Laurel, I’m starting to think your dad is not as great as everyone thinks.” –Justin
After Justin sneakily ripped a page out of Laurel’s family photo album, he starts acting all suspicious around Ted. We don’t know what Justin could possibly know, but at least he’s tryna be open with his GF.

“Wherever you go, I’m coming with you.” –Ethan
Yeah, pretty sure Team Eman wins all. Ethan punches guys for Emma, lurks around the house while she sleeps (ok, kinda creepy), and now, he’s willing to go basc anywhere with her once Sutton comes home.

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