The Lying Game Preview: Will Emma Come Clean About Who She Really Is?

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ABC Family

It’s hard enough having to pretend to be someone you’re not, but when that person’s mess becomes your own…ugh. Not fun. Tonight on The Lying Game, “Escape From Sutton Island,” Emma has to deal with some of the aftermath of Sutton’s mistakes and messes she’s created (like sleeping with Mads’s brother Thayer. Yeah, remember that?).

And from the looks of this clip, all the pressure might be getting to Emma already. Will this wind up making Emma reveal her real identity? Let’s not forget, Ethan already let her name slip once.

Watch this preview of tonight’s ep and tell us what you think!

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Do you think the pressure will get to Emma and she’ll wind up coming clean about who she really is? Sound off in the comments!

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