The Lying Game Preview: What Exactly Are the Lying Games?

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ABC Family

Last week we were introduced to what looks like could be the next hottest show on ABC FamilyThe Lying Game. And just from looking at Blair Redford a sneak peek of ep 2, it will NOT disappoint.

On tonight’s episode, “Being Sutton,” Emma is on a mission to find her sister who hasn’t contacted her since she ran off to find their birth parents, all while dealing with something called “lying games”, which have nothing to do with the lying Emma is doing covering up for Sutton. Could these games be the reason Sutton has suddenly gone missing? Is this the reason her laptop was stolen?

Sneak a peek from tonight’s ep and tell us what you think!

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The Lying Game airs tonight at 9pm on ABC Family! What do you think about the lying games? Do you think they have anything to do with Sutton disappearing? Sound off in the comments!

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