The Lying Game Recap: The Five Juiciest Lies Told on Last Night’s Ep

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Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily are not the only pretty little liars on ABC Family anymore. We now officially have a new fave Monday night show! On last night’s premiere ep of The Lying Game, we met identical twin sisters, Emma and Sutton, who decided to twist around the lives of everyone they know — by switching places. Very Parent Trap-esque, but so much juicier!

Missed the ep? Then prepare yourself for the biggest lies and pics from the premiere!

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But before we get into the best from TLG, we wanted to just brief you on a couple of the key characters. Most importantly, there’s Emma, the twin who was sent into foster care with a terrible family (including her pervy ‘brother’ Travis), and Sutton, the sister who was adopted by a wealthy family and had a privileged life. Luke is the popular guy who everyone thinks Sutton’s dating, BUT it turns out that she’s been sneaking around with bad boy Ethan for a whole year! And then there’s Madeline (aka Mads), who’s one of Sutton’s BFFs. And now, for the lies…

1. “You’re a klepto. Mom, check her bag.”-Travis
This is when everything really hit the fan. After Emma’s foster brother lied about Emma stealing, she was either forced to give him “some action” or run away. Obvs she chose the latter.

2. “You and Thayer were never more than just friends, right?”-Mads
“Please. No. He’s your brother. He’s like my brother.”-Sutton
We don’t really know the characters too well yet, but we’re gonna take a guess and say that this is a lie. Anyway, we all know how girls can get around their best friend’s brother, so that’s no excuse.

3. “Leaving something out isn’t a lie?”-Emma
Okay, so this one’s not really a lie, but Emma does get her sister’s adoptive mother to break down a little. After all, she did help split up the twins in the beginning, so she deserves some tears.

4. “Babe, she kissed me. And I told her it was over.”-Luke
Riiight. We’re sure Sutton’s ex current whatever boyfriend was also thinking about her the whole time he was cheating on her, too.

5. “Of course I’m Sutton.”-Emma
Yeah, this didn’t really go over well with Sutton’s secret long-term BF, Ethan. He knows his girlfie’s kisses too well to fall for that one.