The Lying Game Preview: First Look at Our Fave New Show! (Video)

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ABC Family

ABC Family has premiered tons of awesome new shows this summer (Switched at Birth! Nine Lives of Chloe King!), but somehow we think The Lying Game is gonna be our fave. Actually, we know it is, because it’s about two girls who discover they’re twins and switch lives for a little bit. Sounds a lot like Sister Sister or The Parent Trap, except this time there’s lots of drama, tons of secrets and, duh, quite a few cute boys. Sold.

And we’ve got a preview from the pilot ep right here…

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Watch below. Looks like Sutton’s parents are already sort of catching onto something:

The Lying Game premieres tonight at 9pm on ABC Family! Think you’re gonna watch the show? Did you read the books? Spill it here!

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