The 5 Juiciest Lies, Quotes (and Secrets!) From Last Night’s Ep of The Lying Game

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The Lying Game

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Last night’s ep of The Lying Game deserves a double OMG from us. First off, a Sutton and Thayer makeout sesh — twice?! And second, we so knew the whole Emma/Ethan thing would go down eventually. But that was quick! Okay, to kiss your BFF’s bro is sometimes acceptable, but to full-on smooch your twin’s BF in public? So not cool. Looks like Emma and Sutton will have a great relationship once they finally come together again, eh?

What other juicy secrets are hiding in TLG?

Check ’em out below!

“I’m taken. Taken? That does have a nice ring to it.”–Laurel
After Justin’s teammates jokingly put his name in the ballot box for Homecoming King, Laurel tells him it’s perf for the hot new bachelor. But he reminds her, he’s happily involved with one girl. Sigh.

“You know how she gets when there’s a trophy on the line.”–Mads on Nisha
Since Nisha couldn’t beat Emma (as Sutton) in tennis, or win over Eduardo, she’s out to win Homecoming Queen. But as we learn, her track record still remains at zero.

“If someone’s trying to hide the fact that they’re with you, it’s not a real relationship, man.”–Ethan’s brother, Dan
Truth. Why was Sutton so bent out of shape over her friends knowing about her relationship? Is she really that self-conscious, or just ashamed of him?

“Don’t try and pretend like you don’t really want this.”–Sutton to Emma
Well, someone’s got a little attitude. But we guess we understand. Sutton was probs just bitter that she couldn’t go to homecoming.

“This isn’t about Sutton. I came here for you.”–Ethan
This would’ve been such a perf moment… if he wasn’t cheating on his girlfriend with her twin sister. And if his girlfriend didn’t see the pics.

Peep the pics from the OMG-tastic ep: