The Lying Game Preview: Is Sutton About to Lose Ethan to Emma?

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ABC Family

If you’ve been watching The Lying Game, odds are you’ve probs already noticed the sparks flying between Emma and Ethan. And if he weren’t Sutton’s boyf, we’d totally be rooting for them. Wait, actually? We’re rooting for them regardless. Truth, they’re just so much more compatible than Ethan and Sutton.

On tonight’s ep, “Over Exposed,” it’s homecoming night and while Emma is obvs excited about it, she seems to hide it once Ethan says he isn’t going. P.S. Based on this clip, it looks like things between them may be heating up….

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The Lying Game airs tonight at 8pm (note the new time!) on ABC Family! Do you think Ethan and Emma are gonna wind up together? Are you rooting for them too? Sound off in the comments!