The 5 Juiciest Lies, Quotes (and Secrets!) From Last Night’s Ep of The Lying Game

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The Lying Game

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We’re not sure who we feel more sorry for on The Lying Game: Sutton for being stuck in juvy, or Emma for having a beyond pervy foster brother. Hmm, we think we’ll say Emma just because we’re not really fans of Sutton. After all, it’s Sutton who’s writing to her adoptive parents saying that her twin’s “stolen” her life. (Uhh, wasn’t it Sutton’s idea in the first place?!) And what’s up with that bracelet Justin gives to Laurel? Ted seems to recognize it, so we’re thinking it has something to do with Annie.

Catch up on all the goss below!

“This room is off limits to Laurel. Same goes for you in her bedroom.”–Ted
After Ted catches Justin shirtless in bed on the floor with Laurel, he’s somehow persuaded to get the guy an apartment. Wow, we def don’t think our parents would be as generous.

“Sutton is a schizophrenic. She’s been diagnosed with Adolescent Onset Schizophrenia. She stopped taking her medication.”–Alec
And the lies just keep spewing out of this guy’s mouth. After Sutton informs Annie that Emma’s alive, she yells at Alec for all his deceit. But, of course, he would never admit to any of it.

“I haven’t seen you since that insane weekend in Santa Barbara. Gotta be 20 years! Annie, right?”–Rando doctor
Uh oh, Ted’s finally been [semi-]caught by Kristen in his little Annie scandal. Considering she’s never been to Santa Barbara herself, she’s now onto her hubby’s dirty little secrets.

“Never have I ever kissed someone in the last 24 hours.”–Ethan
We know Ethan saw Travis kiss Emma (vom) the night before, so in a little game of “Never Have I Ever,” he tried to get the truth out of her. But being the clever girl she is, she hooks up with Ethan right then and there. Well played, Emma. Well played.

“You look hot Emma. Who knew a combination of white trash and social poser could be such a turn on?”–Travis
Hello, does the word “sister” mean nothing to this guy?! G-ross! Thank god Emma has Ethan to stalk watch after her in the event that someone breaks into her house in the middle of the night.

We obvs couldn’t tell you everything, so peep the pics from the episode for all the rest!