The 5 Juiciest Lies, Quotes (and Secrets!) From Last Night’s Ep of The Lying Game

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The Lying Game

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What. The. Eff?! Okay, we know we say this about every ep of The Lying Game, but last night’s show just left us with a bunch of question marks — even compared to last week‘s! One, is Eduardo gonna die? We know Mads and Thayer’s dad is sketchy, but we didn’t think he was capable of killing! Two, uhh, are psych wards allowed to hold regular ol’ teen girls hostage? They would have a serious lawsuit on their hands if it were us. Three…

Oh, there’s just too many to count. Instead, peep our fave quotes below to get in on the exciting action!

“The truth is, you’re not gonna get over Sutton. And I probably won’t either.”–Thayer
Yikes! After Mads specifically asked Sutton if her and Thayer were ever more than “just friends” in the first ep (which Sutton denied), Mads finds out that they’d actually gone all the way! Probs not the best time, considering Mads’ love Eduardo is in the hospital.

“That night that we kissed at the dance, it felt like I found something that I didn’t know I was looking for.”–Ethan
Swoon. Who knew the bad guy on the motorcycle could have the biggest heart? And even though he and Emma “broke up” kinda-sorta, we’re still Team Eman!

“I was arrested for possession, really just hiding it for a friend, you know how that is.”–Derek
This is his reasoning for talking to Alec (aka The D.A.)? This guy’s hot, but kinda dumb. Fortch for him, Char’s not the brightest bulb either.

“No, [Emma] died. They told me — both of them.”–Annie
In major news, Sutton finds her birth mother, Annie. But apparently, two guys told her that she killed Emma in a fire years before. Can someone say, “Alec and Ted?”

“Mom. Dad. Nothing happened. I just fell asleep.”–Laurel
Riiight. That’d probably be more convincing if her boyf wasn’t laying next to her trying to find a shirt to put on.

To understand the rest of the ep, peep the best pics below: