The 5 Juiciest Lies, Quotes (and Secrets!) From Last Night’s Ep of The Lying Game

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We weren’t necessarily looking for another reason to watch The Lying Game. But we got one anyway. (Hello, new crush Justin Randy Wayne!) On last night’s ep, “Double Dibs,” there was so much love life drama, we could hardly keep up. Between Char calling “dibs” on the new guy, and Emma starting to fall for Sutton’s boyf, we’re beginning to understand why this is all considered a lying game. Oh, and what’s the deal with the twins’ biological mom?

Too many secrets to count, but we’ll try to bring you up to speed…

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“I like the Emma version.”–Ethan
Seems like Sutton’s BF and twin sister are getting a little too close to comfort. First Ethan kisses Emma to prove that she wasn’t Sutton, and now the two almost kiss… just because. Fortch for Sutton, Ethan stopped it before anything happened.

“Boy hunting in a bikini means I’m already halfway there.”–Char
After Char spots hot newbie Justin at school, she plans a pool party at her house just to see him outside of school. We would say it’s a good plan, but kinda creepy considering he didn’t even give her his number.

“I haven’t gotten my official invitation to the wolf pack yet. If I go after Char’s crush, I probably never will.”–Laurel
Since Char called “dibs” on Justin (seriously, how old are you girls?), Laurel didn’t even want to try to get to know him. However, Emma playing the good impersonating sister that she is, gives Justin her address so he can ask Laurel out. And he did! Ugh, the perfect knight in shining armor.

Meanwhile, Sutton’s out in LA with Thayer trying to find her biological mother. Turns out, a baby broker was hired to put a fake name on her birth certificate. Who does that?! We think Mads’ dad may know considering he paid for Sutton’s laptop to be stolen in last week’s ep.

But what Mr. Rybak doesn’t know is that Mads has been sneaking off to see her super-hot dance instructor Eduardo (played by Step Up 3D‘s Rick Malambri). Oh how we heart the dramz.