The 5 Juiciest Lies, Quotes (and Secrets!) From Last Night’s Ep of The Lying Game

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Wow. Who would’ve thought that a show surrounding a father/daughter dance could be so… dramatic? On last night’s ep of The Lying Game, the life of Sutton Mercer (or should we say, Emma Becker?) becomes so effed up, even the cops don’t believe her when she tells the truth about her twin! And that’s why we’re dishing on the juiciest lies and secrets from the second ep, “Being Sutton.”

Oh, and just in case you missed it last night, we also reveal who stole Sutton’s laptop during the premiere ep! Ch-ch-ch-check it out!

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“It’s a BWR: Buy. Wear. Return.”—Mads
Our next fave phrase (not that we’d ever do that). Since Mads is shipping money off to Thayer in LA, keeping tags on clothes and returning them after use is the easiest way to make a quick couple thousand bucks.

“You haven’t heard from [Thayer] have you?”—Mads’ dad
“Err, a couple calls. Here and there.”—Emma as Sutton
Well, it’s not really Emma’s fault that she lied. Sutton failed to mention to her twin sis that she’s actually in LA not only looking for their biological mother, but she’s also with Thayer! Is she cheating on Ethan with Mads’ bro?!

“I don’t know any Emmas. Do you?”—Sutton’s mom
“Must be one of Char’s Facebook aliases.”—Emma
After Sutton’s mom discovers Emma’s phone and talks to Emma’s pervy bro, Travis, she ends up extremely suspicious of her ‘daughter’. Whatever happened to trust between families?

As for secrets, we’re really wondering if Emma is holding back feelings for Sutton’s boyf, Ethan. After he teaches her how to dance, they stare longingly into each other’s eyes. Hey, if all works out between Thayer and Sutton, maybe an Emma/Ethan love connection could be possible.

And what’s really up with Mads’ dad? Though we usually get bored with TV story lines involving parents, somehow Mr. Rybak is too sketch to ignore. Hello, he paid to have Sutton’s laptop stolen!