The 5 Juiciest Lies, Quotes (and Secrets!) From Last Night’s Ep of The Lying Game

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The Lying GameSo much for Team Eman. After a scandalous makeout sesh on the dance floor last week, we thought it would be smooth sailing for Emma and Ethan. Well, if he wasn’t dating her sister and everything. And with Sutton getting her lovin’ on with (majorly six-packed) Thayer, what could poss go wrong? Oh, ya know, just about everything. It is The Lying Game, after all.

But don’t worry, we’ve got all the juice on this love square and more from last night’s ep coming up…

Peep all the dirty deets below!

“I’m your pool man. Just checking your pH levels and stuff. Which, by the way, are looking awesome.”–Derek
Dumb quote, we know. But if you saw the hot (albeit, sketchy) dude that said it to Char, you’d forget he was trespassing too.

“You stay in my apartment, you eat my food. I went through a dumpster for you!”
Poor kid. Just a couple days after Thayer and Sutton… you know, Sutton obvs has regrets. Meanwhile, Thayer had actual feelings for her the whole time, so you could guess how bummed he was to learn that she was just using him.

“You didn’t lie, you just withheld.”–Char
Lying by omission doesn’t always count as lying to some people. But Ethan’s not one of them. Considering Ethan was kept in the dark about Sutton cheating on him, he was not at all pleased with his girlfriend-of-a-hot-second, Emma.

“Why would I wanna turn in the best boyfriend in the world?”–Laurel
Can we just say that we are big fans of Laurin (or Justel. We haven’t decided yet.) After Laurel learns that Justin’s living on his own with no family, he asks that she not tell anyone. Please, who could resist those baby blue eyes?

“Let’s just keep this between me and Emma.”–Ethan
Ohh, snap. Ethan let it slip to Char that he was seeing a girl named Emma. And Char, being the good friend she is, tells “Sutton” immediately. Wonder how they’re gonna cover that one up next week…

Check out the pics from the most drama-filled ep yet: