Movies Endorses: The Lucky One! 5 Reasons to See Zac Efron’s New Movie This Weekend

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Truthfully, there aren’t many reasons we aren’t going to see The Lucky One this weekend. The movie is based on Nicholas Sparks’ romantic bestseller and stars’s resident hottie Zac Efron. Hello! Zac Efron! Romance! Sappiness galore! But just in case you’re not totally convinced that this is the ticket you should be buying at your local theater tonight, let us help you out.

We’ve got 5 must-see reasons below!

1. Zac Efron looks hot. He put on tons of muscle weight to play Logan the marine for this movie, and dude, that hard work seriously paid off. Zac looks super buff in that uniform espesh, but also? Not too shabby when he takes his shirt off. A few times. Just sayin’.


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2. Taylor Schilling is kind of awesome. Aside from this little piece we did on Taylor, we weren’t too familiar with her. But now that we saw her in the flick we are totally fans. And that’s not even because she looks like a blonder, thinner Katy Perry. Wait, JK. That’s part of it.


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3. There are lots of cute puppies. If you’re a pet person, go see this, guys! Zac’s character ends up working at a dog kennel (run by Taylor’s character, Beth), so there are tons of adorbs pooches to go around. And here’s the truth — there are not many things hotter than a guy with a puppy.


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4. It’s romantic. Well, that’s kinda expected from a Nicholas Sparks flick, but this one’s got so many cutesy moments in it we just wanted to jump into the screen and steal Beth and Logan’s romance and pretend it was ours. And we won’t even go into how sexy those, um, love scenes were between the two of them. Rawr.


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5. There’s a twist. We’re not gonna give away too much here, but let’s just say there is one scene towards the end of the flick that’s super intense and totally unexpected. And you know you wanna find out what we’re talking about, eh?!

The Lucky One is in theaters now! Will you see it? What’s your fave Zac flick?

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