10 Things That Prove The Lizzie McGuire Movie Is Cinematic Perfection

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Can you believe that The Lizzie McGuire Movie is over 10 (!) years old? It celebrated the big milestone earlier this year, but we don’t need an excuse like that to praise this wondrous film.

While we’ve seen this movie more times than we can count, we have to say — it just gets better with every viewing. Way to stand the test of time, Hilary Duff! Because we still love this flick a whole decade later, we thought we’d present you with 10 reasons why The Lizzie McGuire Movie is cinematic perfection. Check them out below!

1. It Has an AMAZING Soundtrack.

“What Dreams Are Made Of”? “Why Not”? The list goes on.


2.It Takes Place in Rome — the Eternal City.

The Colosseum? The Trevi Fountain? VESPAS?! GELATO?! This place has everything we could ever want.


3. Paolo Is Garrett From Pretty Little Liars.

Yep. When we first figured this out it was like — MIND. BLOWN.


Disney/ABC Family

4. The “Dancing in the Bedroom” Opening Scene.

Come on, we’ve all performed a full blown routines like this in the privacy of our own rooms, haven’t we?


5. Amazing One Liners From Ethan Kraft.

This movie is pretty freakin’ hilarious. Case in point? His “slow curve” pick up strategy.


6. The Final Number in the Colosseum

If you’ve ever actually been the Colosseum, you know that there is no way a concert could ever be performed there. Doesn’t matter, Lizzie’s solo performance is perfection.


7. Outfit Repeater!

Do we love that Kate embarrassed Lizzie lied this at their 8th grade graduation? No, but this brought “outfit repeater” into our lexicon, and we’ve been using it ever since.


8. It Really Makes You Think

This movie is actually pretty deep when you think about it…


9. Lizzie’s Fashion Montage.

When everyone thinks Lizzie is Isabella, she gets treated like a princess and it’s awesome to see.


10. The Long-Awaited Lizzie/Gordo Kiss.

We waited YEARS for this! And after everything they went together on this vacation? It really was the cherry on top.


Do you love The Lizzie McGuire Movie as much as we do? What’s your fave part? Sound off in the comments section!

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