8 Horrible Lessons We Learned from The Little Mermaid

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If you thought Cinderella taught us some bad lessons, wait until you look further into what The Little Mermaid was really teaching its viewers. Don’t get us wrong– there’s special places in our hearts for Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder, but that doesn’t mean the movie did no wrong.

From giving up everything for a boy to falling into an evil trap, here are some horrible life lessons you didn’t even realize TLM taught us:

1. Go to extreme measures to be someone that you’re not. Despite Ariel’s good looks and wonderful family, she still wasn’t happy with her life. As a result, she did everything in her power to become someone who was completely opposite of the real her — a human.

2. Put all your focus on your physical being. Ariel was seemingly obsessed with the fact that she didn’t have legs like a human. Although she never flat-out condemned her fins, she definitely sent the message that physical appearance is more important than personality.

3. Fall in love with a guy after knowing him for all of two minutes. We’ll never understand why Ariel was SO obsessed with Prince Eric, especially after only knowing him for a few minutes! If you try to tell us her infatuation wasn’t based solely on looks, we’d have a hard time believing you.

4. And also, you should give up your voice for that guy. There are SO many things wrong with the fact that Ariel scarified her voice so she could have a chance with Eric. Metaphorically speaking, a guy silences a girl and they live happily ever after. WHAT THA–

5. Make deals with someone who’s clearly evil. Looking past the whole giving up her voice thing, the fact that Ariel is willing to go to Ursula for ‘help’ is a serious issue. There are tons of bad people in this world and children definitely shouldn’t be under the impression that it’s okay to give in when they offer you tempting things.

6. Mean people are overweight. We’re by no means Ursula’s biggest fans, however the way they portray her says a lot. She’s clearly an evil character and her physical persona — overweight, masculine, etc. — seems to represent the characteristics children should associate with that.

7. The more material goods you have, the happier you’ll be. Ariel was a straight up hoarder, but never stopped wanting more. Even though she had a cave full of trinkets, she was constantly looking for more things to add to her collection.

8. Turning 16 means you’re an adult. LOL — try telling that one to your parents!

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