13 Hunger Games Pickup Lines That Will Make Anyone Volunteer to Be Yours

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Tumblr (thebookguru)

Tumblr (thebookguru)

I’m not big on romantic movies, but I find The Hunger Games to be pretty darn romantic. I mean, Katniss and Peeta sticking it to the government to make a point was just, like, what?! The whole almost-dying thing makes their love story so compelling. And even though I don’t think Gale and Katniss should have even been a thing, their relationship definitely adds to the romantic tension.

One of my favorite things about The Hunger Games is the puns and pickup lines that came out of it. I truly love themed pickup lines. I think they’re so funny, and I applaud anyone who has the gall to use them. Themed pickup lines are cute, not douchey, so I love it when people throw them around. If you’re trying to get your crush’s attention, try out one of these Hunger Games-inspired lines:

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