First Look! The Hunger Games‘ Got a Nail Polish Collection! (Pics)

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The Hunger Games Katniss


ZOMG! So we thought the only day in March 2012 we’d be looking forward to was the day The Hunger Games comes out. But it looks like we just came across another reason to care about March, you guys. Beauty brand China Glaze is launching a nail polish collection inspired by The Hunger Games movie!

Keep scrolling to peep the colors and the official ad for The Hunger Games China Glaze nail polish collection!

The Hunger Games Nail Polish Colors

The Hunger Games Nail Polish Collection

China Glaze

The Hunger Games Nail Polish Official Effie Ad

The Hunger Games Nail Polish Effie Trinket Ad

China Glaze

The nail polish line debuts March 1, only 22 days before the flick swings onto the big screen on March 23! Are you excited for it?! Do you like those nail colors? What do you think of the Effie ad? Sound off!

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