8 Theories About The Hunger Games All Tributes Need to Read

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Guys, have you seen the first teaser trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1? Because O… M… G! It came out however many days ago, and we’re still reeling from it. Guess there’ll be no coming down from our THG high until the movie’s release on November 21. Since there’s no end in sight, we wanted to hop on the bandwagon (as if we ever hopped off) and talk even more about one of the best book-to-movie franchises of all time.

With all the fan theories surrounding all of the hot film series out there, we figured we’d dig into the Jennifer Lawrence-led blockbusters, too. Here are eight of ’em we’ve discovered from Tributes like you:

1. There’s major evidence to support Climmer. In the movies, anyway. The hand-holding, the flirting, the snuggling while waiting for Katniss in the tree. Plus there’s the fact that the author helped write the script, thereby approving the Cato and Glimmer romantic connotations we didn’t get to see in the book. Interesting…

2. Foxface committed suicide. We all watched Foxface during training do… something with plants, yet she died from eating poisonous berries. Anyone else find that to be strange?

3. We all saw Rue’s dad and didn’t even know it. It’s not a very well supported theory, but one YouTuber suggests that the man who starts the fight in District 11 after Rue’s death and Katniss’ three-finger salute is actually Rue’s father.

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4. The entire series takes place in a world with an alternate history. One in which Britain won the Revolutionary War: “Now, imagine that Britain won. What would they do? Would they decimate all 13 of the colonies? No. They would kill the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and then strike fear into the hearts of the remaining 12 colonies. How? By killing one off. What I propose is that Britain, having just gone through a large war with the rebellious colonists, would set up a small center of command to regulate the colonies. This would be in the Rockies and have a leader similar to the Governors that Britain placed in Massachusetts and others before the Revolution. This would be Snow. Also, the books states that the colonies occur in a region that used to be called Appalachia. This is where the 12 colonies/ districts are. The differences in geography between the colonies would be born out of the Revolutionary War, the Dark Days, the “destruction” of a colony, and time itself.”

5. There are more politics involved than you thought. “The Hunger Games is ‘political’ without actually having to stand for anything… Far-right Republicans can look at the world of Panem and see a dramatization of their most paranoid fantasy of Obama’s America, a dystopian police state where jack-booted thugs do the bidding of a corrupt president whose platform seems based on the carefully parsing of the word (and notion) of Hope.”—Flavor Wire

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6. Katniss was meant to be the symbol of the rebellion before she was born. “My theory is that this group’s involvement in Katniss’ life goes much further back than this plan. They aren’t just using Katniss as a symbol of revolution, they purposely crafted her, from a very young age, to be a symbol, with the express goal of starting a revolution. So they need to groom a kid to win the Hunger Games and become their symbol, and this means they need to train someone from an early age while at the same time ensuring that this young child doesn’t tell anyone else he/she is being trained. Because of this, they decide to use Katniss’ father’s child, who he can train to hunt without fearing she will tell someone. This explains his marriage to Katniss’ mother, a friend of Madge’s mother and the daughter of a medical family, who can teach this future-tribute the one survival skill he doesn’t have, first aid. So they have Katniss, he teaches her how to use a bow and arrow and survive in the wilderness, her mother tries to teach her medical skills (although she probably doesn’t know about the plan). These both give Katniss a huge advantage in the arena, and she definitely would have died without at least the shooting and survival skills.”—Reddit

7. ANOTHER symbol for the Illuminati. Everything from Twilight to The Lord of the Rings is connected to the Illuminati, so of course the Suzanne Collins series is, too. Learn more about the theory in the video here:

8. Hunger Games vs. Denver International Airport Conspiracy: According to Tumblr user Hunger Games Conspiracy, “Theorists are saying that Denver International Airport’s underground tunnels will be the place where there will be a mass extermination of people, or a rebirth of the Earth. Just like it said in the Hunger Games.”

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