From Our BFFS: Want a Chance to Be Part of The Hunger Games?

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This new Hunger Games contest is probs one of the coolest things; fans can be part of the flick! Um, yeah, we’re totally jeal of whoever wins. [J-14]

Vanessa Hudgens seems to like the idea of having everything new these days. First she debuted a new ‘do and now…she’s launched a spankin’ new site. [Just Jared Jr.]

Taylor Lautner really likes to enjoy the finer things in life, eh? The Twilight hottie just got himself a $200,000 car. Wowza! [JSYK]

We’re pretty sure Miley Cyrus shares Taylor’s same taste in expensive things. She paid how much for her new house?! [Hollywire]

And in other Miley news, it looks like she’s about to take a stab at producing. Think she’ll be any good at it? [Popdust]

All celebs seem to have a signature pose, so what’s AnnaLynne McCord‘s? Let’s just say we’re pretty sure she’s a pro at kissing the boys. [Posh24]

Choosing a college, medling parents and cleaning out her own closet? Yup, Miranda Cosgrove is just your average teen! Except for that whole being-a-celeb thing. [Seventeen]

So just why were the ’90s considered “all that?” Well, besides giving us a super dosage of Kenan Thompson, there was also this… [ELLEgirl]

With their wedding less than three weeks away, we’ve wondered…just how devoted is Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian? Answer: Very. [Wetpaint]

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