Is The Hunger Games The Next Twilight?!

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The producers of the The Hunger Games movies are either geniuses or just real money savvy dudes. Because the movie franchise (featuring the gorg Jennifer Lawrence and hottie Liam Hemsworth) is based on a trilogy novel series and is pretty much going to be the next Twilight.

So, what’s the plan to make THG the next huge thing?!

Well, according to EW.com they’ll be making the three books into four movies, kind of how Twilight‘s four books were made into five movies. The movie is already getting some major buzz, so we have no doubt it’ll be the next Twilight in no time!

What do you think of the idea to try and make The Hunger Games the next Twilight? Do you think they should make the books into four movies or keep it as three? Sound off in the comments!