Celeb Battle: Are You Team Peeta or Team Gale?

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hunger-games-team-peeta-team-gale-pollWe know The Hunger Games movie hasn’t officially come out, but come on — it has in your hearts, right? And it’s not like you haven’t read the books eight times and stalked Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth since they got cast, huh? It’s ok. We admit it too. So in preparation for the huge movie franchise coming out in oh, about 3 weeks or so, we figured we’d get the ball rolling by pitting Peeta against Gale in this week’s celeb battle.

You know you have a fave. So who’s it gonna be — Katniss’ Hunger Games competitor slash kinda crush Peeta, aka Josh? Or her childhood BFF and also kinda crush Gale, aka Liam? You know what to do. Just leave your vote below and tell us why you’re Team Peeta or Team Gale in the comments!

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