Teen Columnist Lily Gives Three Reasons to See ‘The Host’

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“Why should I go see The Host?” That was the first question I was bombarded with as I stumbled out of the theater in a wild flurry of emotion. Calling my friend up on the phone, I knew I stood in no position to spoil the thrilling plot awaiting her. As I tried to make sense of the other-worldly film which had just played out before my eyes, I shook with the great excitement rumbling inside of me.

I attempted to answer her difficult question with a simple explanation, which of course quickly became a 45-minute rambling session ending with me yelling in pure giddiness. The only words I could muster up to elucidate the prior 120 minutes were, “It was so beyond amazing, you have to go see it.” A very articulate synopsis from the depths of my teenage brain, I know! That Sunday, I had the opportunity to sit down with the cast. A newly-instituted group of my favorite people — ever! Their superhero status was only heightened as I soon came to understand what magnetic people they were outside of their characters. From Max Iron’s adorably British personality, to Saoirse Ronan’s thick Irish speech, sitting at the round table felt as close to these eagerly anticipated Host roles as I was going to get.

Stephenie Meyer’s first film following her blockbuster Twilight franchise portrays a fighter’s vie for existence through a passion-filled love. Earth has been occupied by an alien species. Our balanced planet is now marked with harmony and peace. War no longer harming our world- hatred no longer diluting the unity. No two people struggle to gain trust of the other, while perfection seems attainable, lying nearly in touching distance. However, we have been graced with one sole issue. There no longer is a “we” and humans have nearly reached extinction. Instead, our bodies are utilized as “hosts” for the existence of differing souls.

What more reason does one need? The Host is an action packed, sci-fi, romance thriller- could you create a film covering more of the bases? Boys bring your girls, girls collect those boys. This is a cinematic experience made for all types of humans — old, young, mortal, immortal, female, or male.

Just in case my persuasive argument has not tickled your fancy… I will hand you three viable reasons, as to why it is imperative you go see this movie:

1. Max Irons. That should be reason enough. And he is British. Who doesn’t want to see a British guy pull of an impeccable American accent and take his shirt off all the while? And just in case you were questioning whether there is anything imperfect about this boy — the answer is a striking NO. During our interview Max flaunted his very goofy side when asked about a highly unusual habit: Movie watching…in the tub. “I love a bath. I really like watching a film in the bath.. you don’t get that itchy feeling you can just sort of relax into it.” And does this Brit stay a whole two hours under water? “I can, I have very soft skin.”

Open Road

Open Road

2. This is Stephanie Meyer’s first movie post-Twilight. So all you Twi-Hards, must prove your dedication, and support your author! Now, while both films feature crazy distinctive eyes, a young cast, and survival through the power of love, The Host, while minutely similar to the recently concluded franchise, is greatly unique — a movie like no other. When asked how he felt about the constant Twilight comparisons, the adorable Jake Abel prolifically answered, “I accept it, but it doesn’t surprise me. There was an article in The New York Times which headlined, ‘Which of these 12 films Is Going to Be the Next Twilight?’ We all know all of these movies: The Hunger Games, Beautiful Creatures, and a whole list of others. I think what people are more interested in when they make these comparisons, is the phenomenon that was Twilight.” Go experience this film to see The Host, not to immerse yourself in a continuation of Twilight. No werewolves roam the streets, no vampires sparkle in the light, no love triangle exist. Instead we are presented with a fascinating futuristic struggle of outside souls gaining control of our own bodies. Forcing us to face the question of whether or not memories and passion hold the power to keep us alive.



3. The Host exposes empowering morals to the audience at large. The message that- we all have something worth fighting for. We all have that iridescent light within us providing a reason to stay alive- to stay strong- to remain grounded. There are so many lessons to extract from this single plot. So many lessons, highly relevant to the teen audience. So if you know a teen, have a teen, was a teen, are a teen– this is a film made just for you.

With great seriousness this is not a movie to miss. Released on March 29th, The Host is coming! A well done film, packed with talent ridden actors, an intriguing plot, powerful messages, beautiful cinematography. This is the first film of what will be an influential trilogy. Become part of the story which will move a nation — and you too will be answer the overarching question, “Why should we all go see The Host?”

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