One of Your Favorite YouTubers Suffered From an Eating Disorder & Had No Idea

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Although Gabrielle Hanna a.k.a. The Gabbie Show on YouTube typically makes funny, lighthearted videos, her most recent upload was definitely not a joke. The 25-year-old was “very nervous” prior to posting, but she felt it was necessary to reveal that she has struggled with eating disorders for a good portion of her life… but didn’t realize it until recently.

The YouTube/Vine star went to a therapist to help her overcome severe anxiety when he commented on her bad relationship with food. At first, Gabbie was in denial — there was no WAY she had an eating disorder and had no idea! But after the therapist started to explain her actions, she slowly began to realize the she was, in fact, suffering.

“Sometimes it’s really hard to look at yourself and acknowledge those things, but after he said it it made a ton of sense.”

At the worst of the disorder, the brunette “couldn’t swallow food at all” and had to stand by a trash can so she could spit it out, and it was “taking a huge toll” on her entire life.

One day, after the Internet queen started to work through her issues with a therapist and was trying to get healthy with a personal trainer, a woman came up to her and called her a “skinny mini,” and something clicked.

“Comparison is the root to all evil and the killer of happiness. As long as you’re comparing yourself to someone else, you’re never going to be happy. So, stop being so critical of yourself.”

Ultimately, Gabbie still struggles with body image, but is now focused on being healthy and happy, rather than reaching a certain number on the scale.


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