6 Casting Secrets About The Fosters That’ll Leave You SHOOK

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If you’re like us, you’ve been tuning into The Fosters every Tuesday night since its fifth season premiered this July. And we get it. Who can get enough of all that drama? But whether you’ve been a diehard fan of Freeform’s hit show since its 2013 debut, or just started binge-watching this summer, we bet it leaves you with tons of questions every time the credits roll. We’d start listing some, but we’d only end up going on and on…and on.

The point is, the future of the Fosters gang is hazy. It seems like it’s always one problem after another in the Jennifer Lopez-produced series — and that’s obvi what we love most about it. But with so much time spent trying to predict the family’s future, have you ever stopped to wonder how it all got started?

Chew on this! Before The Fosters was our favorite reason to be a couch potato on weeknights, it was just an idea that the creators came up with in hopes of giving viewers a taste of what a modern American family is really like. They knew that they wanted to base it on a lesbian couple in California raising one biological child and four adopted ones, and they also knew they needed to cast the perfect people to bring their creation to life.

We couldn’t agree more! What would this series be if we weren’t swooning over Jake T. Austin (errr…at least we were) and wishing we had Maia Mitchell‘s closet? We love the actors on this show as much as we love the drama, so it’s hard to imagine them being played by anyone else. We did get a little taste of that with Jesus on season three, but Cierra Ramirez not being Mariana? Give us a break.

Prepared to be SHOOKETH by these casting secrets about The Fosters.