John Green Responds to The Fault in Our Stars Ban in Schools

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The Fault in Our Stars has become one of those books that’s like a teenage right of passage; It seems that every teen has read, embraced and fell in love with John Green’s characters. But it turns out that not everyone was a fan of the book — As of Monday, TFiOS is banned from all middle schools in the Riverside, CA school district. WHAT THA–

One parent felt that the book was inappropriate for young tweens/teens to read something with mentions of sex and crude language, so she brought up the case to the school board, which was then voted in favor, 6 to 1. She said,

“I just didn’t think it was appropriate for an 11-, 12-, 13-year-old to read. I was really shocked it was in a middle school.”

But even though his book is no longer allowed to be read by hundreds of middle schoolers, John Green respectfully (albeit filled with plenty of sass) responded to the news via his Tumblr:

“I guess I am both happy and sad. I am happy because apparently young people in Riverside, California will never witness or experience mortality since they won’t be reading my book, which is great for them. But I am also sad because I was really hoping I would be able to introduce the idea that human beings die to the children of Riverside, California and thereby crush their dreams of immortality.”

Ohhhh, snap! WDYT about this ban? Do you think it’s justified or is it too extreme? Tell us in the comments below!

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