The Click: Who Are the Freshest Faces of 2010?

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Freshest, prettiest, same thing. Emma Watson, Justin Bieber and Blake Lively all top the list. [Interview]

Topping the fashion list? Leighton Meester, who dishes on the hardships of being a fashion icon. Poor girl. [Wetpaint]

Joe Jonas will never go hungry again. He now has a — drumroll please — Skittles vending machine in his home. [Just Jared Jr]

Oh, more Teen Mom previews! Which new mom is going to stir up the most drama? [JSYK]

Speaking of drama, Demi Lovato‘s got plenty. Turns out that sexy pic was legit. And by “pic” we mean “pics.” [Superficial]

Ready, set, we’re obsessed with Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set. And this acoustic performance. [Hollywire]

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