The Click: Volturi Spotted in New Orleans!

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Run for cover, Bella! The Volturi, Twilight‘s deadly clan of vampires, have been spotted on the streets of New Orleans. [Perez Hilton]

Miley Cyrus had a girl’s night out with party girl Kelly Osbourne, and Miley “went nuts.” What’s new? [Hollywire]

David Archuleta is 19 and has never been kissed. Who’s up for a game of spin the bottle? [Just Jared Jr.]

Pre-Glee, Dianna Agron wrote, directed, and acted in a short film, and it looks like adorable. Unforch, no one can get their hands on it! [JSYK]

Are you still missing The OC, too? Find out what Seth Cohen & cast is up to these days. (Think they’re still celebrating Christmukkah?) [College Candy]

Are teen TV faves like Gossip Girl and Glee too sexy? The Parents Television Council thinks so. [EW]

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