The Click: Has Zac Efron Already Replaced Vanessa?

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Zac might have a new girlfriend. Already. Is that a record for fastest rebound ever? [Just Jared Jr]

Demi Lovato called Ashley Greene a “boyfriend stealer” via e-mail. Ash’s response? A pic of the happy couple together. Ouch. [Celebuzz]

Robert Pattinson thinks Christmas shopping is stupid. Confession: we kinda do, too. [MTV]

Teen Vogue crowns their 50 best dressed stars of 2010. Any guesses who’s #1? She’s British, she’s gorgeous, and she has a hot boyf. [Teen Vogue]

Justin Bieber‘s tour mate/make-out buddy Jasmine V is filming an upcoming music vid “about all these boys… I have all these boys, I don’t know which one to choose from.” Tough life. [JSYK]

Serena’s dad aka Billy Baldwin is returning to Gossip Girl! Wonder what kind of debauchery Mr. van der Woodsen will get into this time. [Deadline]

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