10 Click Clique Moments We Will Forever Be Clicking On

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Like any other Tuesday, we’re sure you were ultra-excited to see Janet Krupin and Christina Grimmie on the next ep of The Click Clique. But today, we don’t have an episode for you we wanted to do something extra special by counting down our top 10 fave TCC moments. That’s right. We’re looking back at our exclusive interviews with Zendaya, Greyson Chance, Rebecca Black and more!

Did your fave make the countdown?

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10. Before The Click Clique actually began, we were on the hunt for an awesome host. And at the :15 mark, the winner (aka Janet!) was revealed.

9. Elliott presents Bieber Bites (2:00). A little bit of Biebs in every bite. Yum!

8. Two of the guys from The Glee Project (the first to lose and the first to win!) stopped by the studio to dish on their Glee faves and to play… hand games? (5:13)

7. Smooth crooning Andy Grammer performs his single, “Keep Your Head Up” (5:49). Swoon.

6. We all know Christina Grimmie’s a rock star. Which is why we’re even more jeal we weren’t part of the Grimmification process like Ariana Grande (4:50).

5. Rebecca Black chatted up her new album and majorly praises the Grimmster’s musical talents (5:15). Hmm, wonder if the feeling’s mutual.

4. Speaking of Miss Black, Janet totally disses RB (1:42) in this very brief segment. So awkward that she still came on the show after that comment.

3. Not only does Grimmie basically have a Q&A with herself (2:49), but she always tosses in a Bieber hair flip. Work it, girl!

2. Adorbs mini-singer, Greyson Chance, openly admits to his love for Grimmie (4:21). Could a collab be in the works?

1. And the numero uno moment we will forever be clicking on is… Zendaya’s summer tips (3:06)! Because, let’s be real people, it’s Zendaya.

What do you think of our top 10 faves? Is there a moment missing? Who do you want to be on a future ep of TCC? Dish on everything in the comments!