The Click Clique: This Episode’s So Packed We Can Barely Fit It On The Page. But We’ll Try…

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Today’s episode of The Click Clique is so incredibly packed that Janet had to do the f-f-f-feedback in fast motion. She’s talented like that. Maybe that’s why she’s LOLing in that pic? And oh yeah, about the ep being incredibly packed? It is. In it we’ve got a glimpse at Grimmie’s new song, an interview with #TheList stars (and twins!) Nina and Randa, and another interview with Tyler Blackburn and Meaghan Martin from the new web series, Wendy. Got all that?

Good. Now click on to watch!

That was intense, right? Which interview was your fave? Stay tuned for Tuesday’s all new ep, but in the meantime, tell us your thoughts on this one in the comments!