Twitter Chatter: The Best Celebrity Tweets of the Week

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Thank you, hilarious celebs, for bringing us yet another week of LOL-worthy (and sometimes cringeworthy) tweets. Which male reality star tweeted that he got a mani/pedi? Which other male reality star tweeted that he’s on the hunt for a GF? Oh, and which Disney starlet tweeted a pretty embarrassing misspelled word?

Find out in this week’s version of Twitter Chatter!

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Why does everyone look so uncomfortable when my Katy Perry “Teenage Dream” ring tone goes off?

Drove a stick shift for the 1st time ever tonight! Right hand drive! But I won’t front… I stalled it like 12 times. Shut up.

Willow Smith on Ellen..OMG that girl is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Seriously fierce!!! 🙂

Mani Pedi ….

ZOMG, its true! @omgidothistoo: My mind was blown when I realized that the word ‘bed’ looks like a bed. #idothistoo

ok, when can I start playing Mariahs Christmas album? Its not like theres any hot thanksgiving tracks coming out

If I order something from u online don’t punish me w catalogs to my home. I clearly know how to reach you.

I always misspell genius SMH! The irony!

Just told a woman that I was obsessive over nails & she replied “any woman is” I don’t think she’s seen my Kitty, Oompa or Russell nails…

@jeremypiven thanks dad… You were great in Old School. Now you’re just old.

Hi, my name is Nicole and I’m a Bruno Mars-aholic. Hiiiii Nicoleeee

@liltunechi (Lil Wayne)
aaaaaaahhhhhhmmmmm baaaaakkkkkkkkkk

All my napkins are from Subway and Whole Foods. IM AN ENVIRONMENTALIST

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up. Need to start looking for a girlfriend.

@druiddude (Kevin McHale)
dear unknown neighbor, while you do have a great DJ @ that party u r having, the music is insanely loud & i have sectionals n the morning.

I don’t know if I’ll ever enjoy the taste of tamatoes… Do you guys like them?

*tomatoes sawwwry ;{)