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Best and Worst Trends of 2011Here at we spend hours and hours every day reading up on all sorts of celeb stuff, including fashion. But you probably already knew that since you read Trendspotting every week, right?! Since the end of 2011 is here, Teen’s editors started to think about all the trends spotted in the past 365 days. That’s a lot of celeb stalking clothes watching!

So, which trends did we love and which did we loathe? Here’s what the eds had to say:

Best: “I LOVED seeing celebs in shirts with cartoon characters on them. It totally brought me back to my childhood. Also? It gives me a good reason to wear my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt around town…like, in front of people.”
Worst: “I never really understood the harem pants trend. While they look great on celebs like Selena Gomez and JoJo, this isn’t a trend that flatters everyone (Ahem, Vanessa Hudgens). Try as we may, we can’t all be Princess Jasmine.” – Kristen, Editorial Intern

Katy Perry and Vanessa Hudgens

Best: “I’m kind of really obsessed with black and white as a trend, and houndstooth specifically. I pretty much wear B&W every single day because it’s so easy to mix and match things with. And I especially loved seeing it on Lady Gaga. OMG! She looked (sorta) normal!”

Worst: “I really don’t get the whole mid-length skirt thing. Maybe it’s because I’m short and I could never pull it off, but something about the awkwardly-placed hems just make people look chunky..and kinda old-ladyish. Yes, Lea Michele. Even you.” – Haley, Associate Editor

Lady Gaga and Lea Michele

Best: “I’m LIVING for the tuxedo trend that was going on this fall and winter. Menswear as womenswear is an awesome way to really stand out in a crowd. Just ask the entire Kardashian family.”

Worst: “Real fur. This one will never die as a bad trend in my book. No animal should ever have to suffer so we can feel warm. Or cute. Or fabulous. Especially now because there’s sooooo many faux fur versions…and you can’t even tell the difference!” – Dan, Deputy Editor

Kim Kardashian and Willow Smith

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