10 Kick-A** Gifts That Every Fan of The 100 Will Obsess Over Forever

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If there’s one show everyone should be watching, it’s The 100. Guys or girls, old or young — it doesn’t matter, the show has something for everyone. (We know people say that about a lot of things, but it’s the truth, we tell you!) It has an awesome bisexual female lead, which is incredibly groundbreaking — Eliza Taylor, the young woman who portrays Clarke, recalls, “The introduction of Lexa and [of] Clarke’s bisexuality definitely gained a lot of respect [from critics] for pushing boundaries.” — hot guys, who you wish could be your bae, and a plot that’s unique to the CW television series and only the CW television series.

So, is it any wonder that we’re looking for The 100 merch for the holidays? ’cause it shouldn’t be. And if you’re a fan of the book series-turned-television program, like we are, then you’re gonna want to ask for these incredible gifts this year: