11 Times You Should’ve Shielded Your Eyes from That’s So Raven

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Being psychic would be SO cool and no one proved that more that Raven-Symone as Raven Baxter in the early ’00s. That’s So Raven was one of the strangest and yet funniest shows on Disney Channel and we still get the theme song stuck in our heads on the regular. Despite the awesome visions and fashion-focused characters there were a lot of awful things the Disney series taught us.

There have been many shows since Raven went off the air in in 2007, like Wizards of Waverly Place, with terrible life lessons, but That’s So Raven is definitely one of the worst. The hilarious show is full of horrible lessons you might have missed when you watched it the first time. See all the bad messages the Disney show pushed at you below:

1. You need to fix everything. Sometimes life is supposed to be messy and you need to let it play out. Raven learned that many times… the hard way. She didn’t need to change all of her visions, but she always tried, which was funny but totally unnecessary.

2. Cheating is fine. Cheating is NEVER a good idea. Sure she’s a psychic, which is awesome, but Raven should have never used her powers to cheat in school. It’s not right.

3. School is just for show. Seriously, did they ever really do any homework? Raven managed to get away with doing her homework (when she actually did it) on clothes or shoes. That is so NOT how real life works.

4. Spending time with your family shouldn’t be a priority. Hello, family should come first, which it did for Raven, but her besties were a whole other story. We rarely saw Chelsea or Eddie with their families, which is a real bummer. Their parents must have missed them… they were always at the Baxter house.

5. Changing yourself to impress a guy is cool. Okay, so Raven usually realized that the guys like her for her, but she somehow always thought it was a good idea to pretend to be someone else first. Just be yourself and everything will fall into place.

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6. Staying inside all the time is good for you. Ya, no it’s not. You need to go outside and breathe in fresh air and get sun, despite what Raven claimed. Plus, exercise can be fun… sometimes.

7. Fashion internships are easy to come by. First of all, having an internship in high school doesn’t happen very often. Secondly, Raven somehow became her boss’s assistant in one episode, which would NOT happen. Plus, her boss came to her house crying, which as a teenager you should not want to or have to deal with. Overall the internship is totally insane.

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8. Being healthy is stupid.. It’s hard to come by a person who’s NOT a sucker for junk food, and indulging so often isn’t a bad thing — but that doesn’t mean eating healthy is a bad thing either. Somewhere along the way, that fact gets lost.

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9. Money is all that matters. Wrong! Cory was awesome, but he needed to take it down a notch on all the money-making schemes. It’s not the only thing that matters in life.

10. Teenagers have the BEST rooms ever. Sadly this is not always the case. Raven’s pad was unbelievable and completely over the top, but we loved it just the same. Too bad our rooms never looked that cool.

11. Playing dress-up all the time is normal. Rocking costumes is fun, don’t get us wrong, but you can’t just go around playing dress up everyday and think it’s normal. It’s strange. Sorry.

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