Harry Potter? Tangled? Burlesque? Get the Scoop On Thanksgiving Weekend Flicks

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This super long weekend (which we’re super thankful for, BTW), is awesome and all, but there’s only so much family time we could take. So, sometime in between all that overeating and oversleeping, you, like us, are probs gonna wanna get out of the house and catch a flick with your BFFs. Are we right or are we right?

But which one are you gonna see? Check out the deets (and pics!) on Harry Potter, Burlesque and more, and vote on which movie you’re seeing!

TangledMandy Moore voices Rapunzel in this adorbs Disney story about 70 feet of magical hair and — you guessed it! — true love.

Morning Glory — Rachel McAdams stars as an aspiring morning show producer. She’s hilarious in it, and, oh yeah, she finds herself a super hot boyfriend…

Love and Other Drugs — It’s rated R for lots of, um, “sexual content,” but this amazing love story between Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal is a must see. The fact that Jakey is almost nakey is just a bonus…

Megamind — Will Ferrell plays a super mean villain, Megamind, trying to destroy the city. You’ll LOL at his hilarious one-liners and embarrassing mispronunciations.

Burlesque — Christina Aguilera sings and dances her little booty off in the best musical since, uh, High School Musical. Swear.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Uh, pretty sure this one doesn’t need an explanation…

So, which flick is it gonna be? Vote below!