Playlist Of The Week: 10 Turkey Tracks That We’re Thankful For

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We love any holiday that encourages eating all day long, but Thanksgiving might just be the best. There’s turkey. And mashed potatoes. And napping. And holiday shopping that starts at 6am midnight. It can’t get any better than that.

But Thanksgiving is also about being grateful for things you have. So we rounded up ten songs that say thank you way better than we ever could.

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Check out the vids below!

1. “Thankful” – Kelly Clarkson

The title track off Kelly’s first album is way more jazzy than the pop songs we’re used to from her, but the tune really highlights her totally amaze voice. She sings about yet another ex being thankful for the lessons she’s learned and we’re on board with that.

2. “Thank U” – Alanis Morissette

OK, so this video is kinda weird. Ya know, since Alanis is, um, naked and stuff. But it’s still a great song, although we’re not sure we totally understand who she’s thanking. Sidenote: Alanis was engaged to Ryan Reynolds back in the day, so maybe him? Weird!

3. “Christmas Love” – Justin Bieber

Yes, we know this is technically a Christmas song, but the Biebs spends the whole time saying thanks, so we thought we’d throw it in.

4. “Thank You” – Dido

No one had ever heard of Dido until she hit it big with this breakout tune (later used in Eminem’s “Stan”) in 1999. She may be a one hit wonder, but this song remains the number one ‘thank you’ track to this day.

5. “Stop” – Spice Girls

Who can forget this ’90s classic with lyrics that are def approps:

Stop right now, thank you very much,

I need somebody with a human touch.

Also, we’re pretty thankful the Spice Girls existed… even if it was a bajillion years ago.

6. “Thnks fr th Mmrs” – Fall Out Boy

Oh right, FOB hates vowels (apparently, it was a dig at their record company who told them to shorten their song titles). The band’s successful single is a kickass rock jam that just makes you wanna jump up and down. We suggest you add it to your workout playlist if you’re looking to burn off any stuffing or potatoes!

7. “Thank You” – Jay-Z

Beyonce’s baby daddy sure has a lot to be thankful for, although he doesn’t spend this song rapping about it. Either way, he completely kills it with this track that Kanye West helped produce.

8. “Thankful” – Josh Groban

Yeah, we know Josh isn’t really cool, but he sure is talented. Besides, he was in Crazy Stupid Love, you guys! That’s whatsup! Anyway, this is a sweet tune that’s perfect to play in the background during your T-giving feast, ’cause your mom and grandma will probs both like it.

9. “The Thanksgiving Song” – Adam Sandler

We’re not really going to comment on Adam Sandler’s most recent endeavor (cough, Jack & Jill is the worst, cough), but the actor got his start in comedy and it’s easy to see why. His Thanksgiving song is hilarious and we can’t get enough of his strange lyrics like:

“Turkey for the girls and Turkey for the boys,

My favorite kind of pants Are corduroys.”

Us too, Adam. Us too.

10. “Thank Me Now” – Drake

This rap track, off Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later, is sort of bossy. No Drake, we don’t want to thank you rightthissecond. Maybe later though. Does Drake remind you of a young Jay-Z after listening to both their songs on this playlist? Yeah, us too.

BONUS! We know this isn’t a song, but as usual, nobody does gratitude like Taylor Swift. Girl is such a humblebrag!

What did you think of our picks? What are you most thankful for today? Hit up the comments with your answers!