9 of Our All-Time Favorite Thanksgiving Day-Themed Teen Television Episodes

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It’s November already. Let that sink in for a minute. Are you freaking out? If you are, you’re not alone. Halloween has already come and gone and we were suddenly thrusted right into holiday season. The moment all the Halloween candy went on sale, stores were already replacing Jack-o-lanterns and skeleton decorations with Christmas trees, reindeer, fake snow and every snowman-related item possible.

The only thing we find crazier than how fast time has gone by the last few months is that somehow everyone seems to forget that there’s a holiday in between Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving is a great holiday that is underrated and often overlooked.

With Thanksgiving we get to eat a huge delicious meal with desserts as far as the eye can see. We get to spend the day cooking and baking in the kitchen with family in our pajamas all day long while having the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on in the background.

If you’re tired of doing the same old thing every single year, then you can spice things up this year by suggesting that your fam celebrates Thanksgiving a little differently! Other countries celebrate the holiday in so many different ways that you can get some serious inspo from.

We love our turkey and stuffing so much that sometimes all you want to do is sit by the TV eating leftovers, and the best way to continue in the celebration is to watch Thanksgiving-themed TV episodes. Honestly, what’s better than eating leftover pie while watching your favorite characters celebrate the holiday as well? It’s almost like you’re eating Thanksgiving dinner together IRL. Almost.

But we know that when you’re full of delicious food the last thing you want to do is scroll through the hundreds of Thanksgiving episodes that are available. Friends alone has, like… TEN episodes to choose from. So we’re helping you out by listing some of our favorite Thanksgiving episodes from the biggest teen television series. We’ve got enough options so you can choose if you want to cry watching Boy Meets World or be slightly scared from Pretty Little Liars!