From Our BFFS: Wanna Know How to Text While Walking!?

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You’ve heard about the dangers of texting and driving? Well texting and walking is just as bad, guys. But if you absolutely have to do it, please follow these guidelines for everyone else’s sake…

Is Bieber pretending to be Michael Jackson? Nah, but he is honoring the King of Pop this week… [Cambio]

Justin Bieber got waxed! Again! Do you think his Vegas wax figure is, uh, lifelike? [Posh24]

Selena Gomez is soon headed to Africa! Just another day in the life of the most famous teen girl in the world. Sigh. [Just Jared Jr.]

If Bruce Jenner has any say in it, Kendall and Kylie won’t have to go to college! Or something like that. [Hollywire]

And speaking of putting off college, so is Ashley Argota! At least for a semester, anyway. [Twist]

Even if you haven’t watched a single episode of Gossip Girl all year season, def tune into Blair’s wedding ep. It’s gonna be EPIC! [Wetpaint]


The CW

We love our magazines just as much as the next girl. But is Seventeen mag actually — gasp — bad for our self-esteem? [HuffPost High School]

Seriously question. Would you date a short dude? Like, Daniel Radcliffe kinda short? [gURL]

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