The 9 Stages of Texting Your Crush for the First Time

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One of the most nerve-wracking experiences that everyone has to go through at some point is texting their crush for the first time. Why is it so much more butterfly-inducing than talking in person? Why does it make you suddenly forget how to type or form cohesive words and sentences? And, most of all, why does your crush type soooo slowly?! These are all valid questions that you’ll definitely ask yourself.

Other things that will happen are pacing around your room, losing the ability to refrain from checking your phone every two seconds and these nine stages:

1. The scheme. Since real life isn’t a Hollywood movie, there’s a good chance that neither of you has each other’s phone number and you must hatch a plan to change that.

Call Me Maybe

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2. The wait. So, it’s been like 27 minutes since you exchanged numbers. Why is your inbox still empty?!

It's Like My Life Is Buffering Mindy Kaling

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3. The fake-out. “I’ll just text him first.” *Types out ‘hey’ several ways.* “Nah, I’d better not.”

4. The notification. OMG. Oh my god. Your phone just dinged, causing your heart to drop down into your toes.

Friends Oh My God

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5. The freak-out. “I have to text everyone I know to let them know that the love of my life has just texted me!!!”

Freaking Out

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6. The over-analysis. How is “hey!” different from “Heyyy,” which is no doubt different from both “Hey, you!” and “hi :)” ??

7. Group-texting your BFFs. Which, of course includes screenshots and some more over-thinking. Because girls.

8. The fake-out, part two. Hopefully he doesn’t have iMessages enabled, or else he’ll see your dozen attempts to write each response.

Kristen Wiig Nervous

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9. The real fun. It starts once you stop panicking over typos and appearing weird and start enjoying the conversation for what it is. And, who knows? It could be the start of something new. And yes, that was a High School Musical reference, thanks for noticing.

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