YouTuber Chooses Jake Paul’s Side, Even Though Alissa Violet was Her Best Friend

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The beef between social media stars Jake Paul and Alissa Violet is one for the books. The 20-year-old Bizaardvark actor accused the blonde beauty of cheating, while she was like, na, he’s the cheater, and both continued to blast each other on social media… while still living under the same room. He sure fixed her wagon, though — he kicked her out of the house!

It was a whole, big, ugly mess that even Bella Thorne — the Queen of Problematic relationships — chimed in with some advice. “I love you both,” she tweeted, “but keep that s*it off Twitter yooooo.”

Now, the beef has escalated, as one of Alissa’s besties, Tessa Brooks, has seemingly sided with the famed male YT star. Not only did the two recently shoot a YouTube video, but Tessa reportedly unfollowed Alissa on Instagram this week. You KNOW that’s a new level of savagery.

What goes around comes around, though — Alissa seemingly unfollowed Tessa as well. Oo, burn. But it doesn’t stop there. Fans seem to think that Alissa also tweeted about her former pal:

Are fans 100% sure this is about Tessa? No… but there sure are questioning it:

Welp, at least we’ll always have this to remember Alissa & Tessa by:

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