YouTube Stars Further Spark Dating Rumors with Less-Than-Subtle Kiss

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Tessa Brooks and Chance Sutton are extremely close and have been for quite some time now. Fans are pretty darn convinced that the Team 10 members are more than just friends, based on their pictures together, interactions in videos, etc. The YouTube stars have never been subtle about their rumored relationship, but they recently did something that TOTALLY pushed speculation over the edge — kissed in a vid!

The 18- and 20-year-olds performed their ~hit single~ “Its Everyday Bro” with Jake Paul, Nick Crompton and the rest of the crew for the first time over the weekend, which was obviously a big deal. Chance decided to celebrate the performance by giving Tessa a big smooch on her cheek while they were being watched by hundreds and had cameras alllll up in their faces.



The dancer used the screenshot to promote the vlog, which OBVIOUSLY made Chessa shippers freak the eff out that they got a pseudo ~confirmation~ that the relationship is real.

We don’t know, you guys — it seems pretty obvious that SOMETHING is going on between Chance and Tessa. Hopefully the Internet influencers will either confirm or deny the rumors soon, because the speculation is KILLING us at this point!

Watch TB’s whole vid below:

Adorable couples meet because of YouTube all the time!