So, Tessa Brooks & Chance Sutton Were NOT Dating Before… But They are Now!

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For months, fans of Team 10 have shipped #Chessa. You know Chessa, right? Well, whether or not you do, we’ll tell you: It’s the pairing of the social media crew’s Tessa Brooks and Chance Sutton. Though neither member claimed to be the other’s significant other, the public was SHOOK when, after flirting all.the.time, the two finally ~kissed~ on camera earlier this month.

“If Chessa ain’t real then I don’t know what is ?❤️ @abz977,” @elliedaley041 tweeted at the time.

“CHESSA IS A 100% REAL OK AND THE KISS MADE IT OFFICIAL (ERICA GOT ME DEAD??)@ImChanceSutton,” exclaimed @jakepaulers43.

Not to burst your bubble… but that was, apparently, not true; the two were not dating then.

BUT, have no fear, Chessa shippers, ’cause the two are dating now! At least, according to Tessa’s latest vlogs. Throughout the past week, the dancing beauty posted a series of videos which seemingly trolled fans of the duo, with enticing titles like “Chessa………,” “WE GOT MARRIED!!!” and “CHANCE MOVED IN WITH ME!!” Oh, and the thumbnails were enticing, too: one featured Tessa kissing Chance on the cheek, one was of the two of them kissing on the lips… in a chapel(!) and another depicted the two spooning in bed. HOWEVER, it’s the brunette’s latest vlog that’s sending everyone over the edge: “OUR FIRST DATE!!”

In nearly 7 minutes worth of footage, Tessa takes viewers along on her oh-so-romantic date with her tall companion, and it is adorbs. No on-the-lips kisses are exchanged (from what we can see), but there is some sweet hand-holding and hand-kissing (and thigh touches, too).

By video’s end, Tessa’s getting ready for Date #3 with Chance, along with her best friend, Erika Costell, who’s getting ready for a night out with Jake Paul. (#Jerika’s “relationship” is a story for another time.)

“Third date, success,” Chance reveals post-night out.

“It was good; I enjoyed it a lot,” Tessa adds.

Are you shipping Chessa? ’cause we just might be.
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