Harry Styles’ Ex, Tess Ward, Not-So-Subtly Shades His New Relationship

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Harry Styles‘s ex-girlfriend, Tess Ward, is clearly NOT a fan of his rumored new relationship with Camille Rowe. The news that the “Sign of the Times” singer is now dating the Victoria’s Secret model just recently broke, with a source telling The Sun, “[They] are in the early stages of dating. He’s very protective of his relationships so isn’t going to want to make a big show of things. They are well suited and seem happy. She’s a real star on the rise. He seems besotted.”

But while the 23-year-old is apparently content with his new romance, the 27-year-old couldn’t help but express her distaste in a less-than subtle way. Well, at least that’s what we think she did.

The food blogger posted what seemed to be an innocent picture of mushrooms (lolz #relatable) on Instagram yesterday, but the drama came immediately after fans read her caption.

“I think ‘besotted’ might just be the word of the day,” she wrote along with the photo. “That’s certainly how I feel about these garlic, thyme and butter roasted mushrooms.”

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UMMMMMM…ohhh-kay. Apparently, Tess was “mortified” when Harry broke up with her at the end of June so he could focus on promoting Dunkirk and rehearsing for his upcoming solo tour. Seeing as ‘besotted’ is a word we hear, like, once a freakin’ year and the source who spilled the details about Hazza’s new fling just so happened to use it to describe the relationship, we’re gonna say she was purposely being shady, at least a little bit. If not, that is one CRAZY coincidence that she might have to clarify sooner rather than later.

Hey, we don’t blame her for being bummed that she’s no longer dating Harry Styles. We would be, too!